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Specilalized Lab. & Lab. of Capstone Designl특성화전공 및 Capstone Design 실험실

Organic and inorganic materials are employed as electronic materials for use in fuel cells, batteries and Flat-panel Display application. For the synthesis and characterization of materials, various techniques such as tape casting method, impedance analyser, 4-probe d.c conductivity measurement, current interruption method, etc. are used.

Transport Phenomena Lab.전달현상 실험실

Transport Phenomena Laboratory was established for understanding the theory and training the handling of the chemical engineering instruments with the experiments of heat and mass transfer. Experimental items : thermal radiation, thermal conductivity, Reynolds Number effects, friction loss in pipe, filteration, extraction, absorption, distillation, drying, wet column absorption, sedimentation, solid-handling.

Chemical Process Lab.화학공정 실험실

Chemical process Laboratory was established for understanding the control theory and adaptability in the chemical process with the experiments. Experimental items: pneumatic control, liquid level control, temperature control, PLC control, transducer trainer, process control simulator, dynamic behavior of continuous reactor, on-off control of automatic and manual control.

Physical Chemistry Lab.물리화학 실험실

This lab covers the physical chemistry as basic experimental techniques of chemical engineering. The objective of this experimental course is to obtain the principles of physical chemistry result from the measurement of physical properties and thermodynamic experiment. The experiment subjects are liquid diffusion, extraction, molecular weight determination, fractional distillation, eutectic point, etc.

Basic of Engineering chemistry화공기초 실험실

Detectors convert light energy to an electrical signal. In spectroscopy, They are typically placed after a wavelength separator to detect a Selected wavelength of light. Different types of detectors are sensitive in Different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Organic Chemistry Lab.유기화학 실험실

Organic Chemistry Laboratory is equipped with various reactors, Vacuum distillation apparatus, rotary evaporater, and fume hoods. This Lab provides space for education and research on synthesis of small Organic molecules as well as various polymers.

Instrumental Analysis Lab.기기 분석실

Instrumental Analysis Laboratory provides space, facilities, and equipment for education and research on physical and thermal proper- ties of polymers and nanostructured hybrid materials. This lab is equipped with FT-IR, GPC, DSC, TGA, and polarized optical microscopy.

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Nanobio Chemistry Lab.나노바이오화학 연구실
Academic programs

My group focuses on nanobio technology for diahnostics, bio-imaging And therapy. We are studying the development of nanomaterial-based optical sensors and the design of novel optical nanomaterials for biological and medical applications. Furthermore, we are interested in studies of fundamental physical and chemical properties of various optical nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, silver/gold nanoparticles etc.

In addition, we focuses on development of heterogeneous catalysts for sustainable energy and organic synthesis. We are designing a new form of polymer-supported catalysts for photocatalytic and organic reactions such as photo-oxidation/reduction, Suzuki and Heck reaction etc.

We are also interested in synthesis of new nanomaterials and chemistry for engineering their physical and chemical properties.


Recent Sponsored Research Projects

• Near-infrared fluorescent carbon nanotube/metal ion nanohybrids for label-free and multiplex detection of biomarkers.

• Development of in-vivo biomolecular multi-detection method using Surface plasmon scattering.

• Development of Microfluidic Platform for High-sensitive, Selective Multiplex Detection.

Multi-Functional Materials Lab.다기능 재료 실험실

Multi-Functional Materials and Devices laboratory covers diverse Fields of materials for understanding and application based on Undergraduate curriculum. This lab focus on studies of electrochromic devices, photocatalsis, ink-jet printing with Cu, 3D printing, fabrication of solar cell. This lab is equipped with Various equipment such as Chemical Vapor Deposition. RF Sputtering. Nano particle Deposition System, Box Furnace, Aligner, Spin Coater, polisher. 3D printer and so on. Furthermore, for Characterization analysis, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Potentiostat And Alpha Step have prepared for those researches.

Multi-functional Surface Control Laboratory다기능 표면 표면제어 연구실

Multi-functional Surface Control Laboratory is established for a Research on surface characteristics of light metallic materials via Electrochemical surface modification techniques, regarding applications to electronics, automobile, biomedical industries, etc. Our laboratory is equipped with plasma electrolytic oxidation System, ELS(Electrochemical impedance Spectroscopy) Measurement unit, cell & bacteria culture system and hardness tester.

Magnetism and material Characterization Lab.자성재료 및 재료특성 분석 연구실

Magnetism and material characterization laboratory conducts Fundamental and applied researches on microstructure and Properties in magnetic and steel materials. One of the themes of Research in the magnetic materials is the development of Permanent magnet and soft magnetic materials through the Synthesis of magnetic powder. The analysis of magnetic properties Using VSM(Vibrating Sample Magnetometer) is based on the Magnetic researches. The primary aim of research in steel Materials is the understanding mechanical properties using the electron microscope and improving their mechanical properties.

Nanodevice Engineering Laboratory나노소자공학 실험실

Nanodevice Engineering Laboratory focused on electrical Properties of high performance nano-electronic devices and he Application of semiconductor fabrication process to other fields Such as MIS solar cells and functional nano particle coating. This La provides education and researchof various thin film deposition Process using Atomic Layer Deposition(ALD), Thermal oxidation, Sputtering and electrical property measurement of various MOS divices.

Steelmaking and Recycling process Lab철강 제련 및 재활용 공정 연구실

This lab covers the thermodynamic behavior of element in Multi-component system, oxidation/reduction reaction and Gas-solid or gas-liquid chemical kinetics on the basis of chemical Metallurgy. Experimental subjects are N, O, C and S analyzing Method and principles.

Electrochemical Process Lab.전기화학공정 실험실

NMSL was established for understanding the control theory and Adaptability in the electrochemical process with the experiments. Experiment items: versa STAT for control of current-type (DC, PC, PR), temperature controller, magnetic stirrer, etching bath for Galvanic displacement reaction.

Nanoparticulate MaterialsTechnology laboratory나노입자 재료기술 실험실

Nano-Particulate Materials lab. Pursues the understanding of processing of nanoparticulate materials and atomic diffusion in nanomaterials.

Experimental items :TGA, BET, DSC, Laser Photo Dilatimetry, UV-visible, Spectrometer, High temperature furnace, 3 zone Furnace. Injection Moulding machine, Cold Iso-static Press. Beads Mill, Attrition Mill, Spray Drying System, Reducing furnace

Laboratory for High Temperature Physicochemical Processing of Materials 고온물리화학소재공정 연구실

The members of laboratory for HITEP2 are carrying out the study For optimizing the manufacturing process of iron and non-ferrous Metals as well as understanding the mechanism in a microscopic Viewpoint. We perform the experiments based on the high temperature Physicochemical processing in conjunction with thermodynamic Computer simulation program.

Electronic Material and Processing Lab전자재료 공정 연구실

In CMP lab. We focused on metal CMP processes including CU, RU and PT including low-k materials, Started with the understanding of slurry formulation, the evaluation of process itself is the main activity including the post CMP cleaning. For the CMP research we have two CMP polisher with a wafer scrubber and other metrology tools including reflectometry, four point probe, zeta potential analyzer.

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